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Noel offers you a real success. Female and male sales representatives whether or not having direct sales experience, are given the opportunity to achieve real success and an attractive income. We are looking for sales representative worldwide!

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Free trade representatives and sales representatives enjoy the advantages of modern direct selling. Unfortunately, sales experience  too often consists on a long phone list, a naked product and little or no support.

But it is different with us! You do not have to schedule, you just made appointments. You discover our product througout a comprehensive introduction before presenting them to customers. We owe it to you, your commitment and our customers. As a sales representative, you are provided with support and comprehensive training.


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That’s why we welcome newcomers! You will receive all the support you need on your way towards success – what we create, we create it together. There is no confusing structures at Noel International.

You don’t pay others with your performance, you just have benefits for you.  Oppresive sales goals or unachievable commission promises are a thing of the past. Get to know us and you will be amazed at the conditions we can offer you.

As a direct sales parter you can organize your time freely. This flexibility gives you freedom and allows you to combine work and family life.

As a customer consultant, you will quickly realize that your customers are really satisfied with your Noel products. Therefore, you will also look after your customer base for future inquiries, as our guiding principle is: you profit from your work!


What are your requirements?

You do not need any sales experience in order to   cooperate with us. Join our team and learn what is neccessary – you are not alone. Your willingness to learn will make you progress faster than you might think. Direct sales means service from person to person. Hold a conversation with delight and you can delight people. That is why love for dealing with people and communicating are the driving force to your success. And you achieve this through your will and a positive attitude at work.

Commitment and flexibility help you to develop unexploited market areas and potentials. You can create a market from a dwindling resource if you are really ready for it. Are you? Don’t lose your time and contact us by phone of fill our contact form.

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