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Only satisfied customers come back. And satisfied customers are as important for direct sales as sales organization is for you. Based on our many years of experience, we have  developed products for comfort and health in the household, which offer the perfect solution for the needs of your customers. Our services meet the same requirement we offer in our products.


Noel Mondo- All in one cleaning system

Noel Mondo cleaning system combines many useful functions in one easy-to-handle device. Noel Mondo is

  • vacuum cleaner
  • dry steam cleaner
  • air purifier

in one device and allows the easy combination of all its functions by simply pressing a button. The device allows to deal with all cleaning work at household germ free and hygienically without chemicals.

As a vacuum cleaner, Noel Mondo meets modern requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and sustainability. It is not only strong, but also very through due to the combination of water filter and Hepa filter, which makes it ideal for households with allergy sufferers, children or generally with high demands for hygiene in living areas.
At the same time, the Noel Mondo can be used as a powerful dry steam cleaner. For example, it perfectly removes stains on carpets or upholstery. The cleaning of windows, kitchen and kitchen equipment as well as bathroom is not only thorough and surprisingly time-saving thanks to dry steam. Noel Mondo manages cleaning without chemicals in the entire household, since solvent power of dry steam and its disinfecting effect really master every situation. Thanks to the easy-to-connect vacuum cleaner function, wiping is no required, as it is with steam cleaners of all sorts.

The combined filter system of the Noel Mondo also allows its use as air purifier and air freshener. This way you can easily remove fine dust, allergens and odors (for example, nicotine and kitchen smells) from the air. Moreover, you can used the air freshener as aromatheraphy if you add it the scented oils

Good reasons for you

The unprecedented combination of Noel Mondo on the market meets your customers needs in the household. People do not usually use many individual products, because they found annoying when they constantly have to change from the vacuum cleaner to another device.

Noel Mondo is often used every day – because the easy handling and the use of a single device in all cleaning situations convince customers. You will not be forgotten by your customers, since you have brought them real comfort and great time savings in everyday housework.

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Noel Premium Bedding System

Products that not only want to offer you well-being but also real benefits must be measured according to the latest developement and design. The Noel Premium sleeping system meets the most demanding standards, which can be applied to the mattress and bed base.

The advantages that make it one of the best sleeping systems are

  • not viscoelastic foam, but RelaxGEL®and EvoPoreHRC®
  • Anatomical adaptation through 7 zones
  • Individual adaptation of the mattress to every particular bedding system
  • Hand-crafted quality Bed Base, optional motorised bed base
  • Selected wood from sustainable forestry

Due to the use of latest material, the Noel Premium Bedding System’s mattresses offer a sleeping comfort that foam mattresses can not offer. The suspension and the reset time from RelaxGEL® and EvoPoreHRC® bring noticeable comfort and nocturnal relief to the spine, shoulders and joints. Both high tech materials are developments from a more recent era and correspond to what is currently achievable when our products meet the highest demands.


Good reasons for you

Your customers will be amazed how comfortable a mattress adapted to your needs is. Most customers have hardly any experience with this level of quality and are therefore strongly convinced and satisfied.

Equipments for every need

The Mondo cleaning system and Premium Bedding System are available in several attractive equipments. The Noel Mondo can also be complemented by accessories for every need.

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