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Noel International works to make customers‘ life at home and in the garden more pleasant and easier. Our products therefore focus on the best quality, work simplification, hygiene and healthy comfort.

We are above average thanks to our 10 years of experience in direct sales. Over this time, we have always attentively listened to these people, when we presented customers modern cleaning devices for the home care. This is the reason why we can offer useful functions, easy handling and the intelligent combination of both of them in our product developments.

In return for mediocre offer with usually lack of customer support in direct sales, we offer our high quality products and Noel company values. These values include a dedicated personal advice for customers, a clear product introduction after the purchase and a fast and complete personal service in every situation.

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Our values: for customers, employees and partners

We also apply these values when dealing with our employees and sales partners. Direct sales is based on the direct person-to-person contact, which can only be possible if these values are part of corporate culture and are lived there. Modern direct sales need precisely the following requirements: open communication and personal proximity in any business situation.

We know that our products really satisfy our customers thanks to the success of Noel products. Now we want to share our success with you. That is why we do not stay still: we are constantly developing new products and want to bring the benefits of state-of-the-art technology and advanced materials to every household.

Good products also include good information about these products. On our website, interested customers will therefore know in detail what our products are, and what profit they can make in every household.

Temwork means customers‘ comfort and quality of life . If you expand this team with your sales organization or your support as sales staff, your work will be more successful. That is why reliable partnership means just as much as customer service.

Discuss with us about the possibilities for you with Noel, it will be worth it for you!

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